Dealing with Patients who Have Information in a Different Language

As a medical physician, you’re expected to work with people coming from all different kinds of backgrounds. However, issues can arise when you have to deal with documents coming in different languages. You might be expected to deal with this when you have to look at a patient’s documents that originated from another country for example. Look into all of these different reasons why some physicians opt for a medical translation service.


If you work as a medical physician in the United States, you’re expected to follow HIPAA regulations. This means that you need to keep a certain amount of confidentiality between you and the patient regarding their past medical records and anything that you may discover while having an appointment with them. You’ll want to make sure that you find a service that can translate records from a different language without leaking any of the information elsewhere. Finding someone who isn’t following HIPAA regulations means that you could be subjected to losing your job because of someone else getting information out there where it shouldn’t be. Ensure whoever you hire to translate understands confidentiality.


Whether you’re looking to start a procedure soon or need all of a patient’s information before you start their first appointment with them, you might need translated information quickly. To accomplish this, you might want to find a service that offers 24/7 availability. By going with a service that works all of the time, you can get the translated information you need sooner than using a random translator that might not be as good at translating when it comes to medical documents. Think about choosing a translation service just for the speed that you can get it at.

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When you deal with a reputable translation service, you know that they are going to be pretty accurate. You might be able to find someone cheaper if they are working by themselves, but you’ll probably find that the information you get can be a lot less accurate. Striving for accuracy when it comes to medical documents is important as you might have people coming back to when they find the information you gave is incorrect, meaning that you’re going to be wasting more money and time in the long run. Additionally, wrong information can impact a procedure which means that if something harmful happens, you could lose your job and be possibly sued. It’s important that you strive for accuracy by finding anyone who can give you quality translations.


Depending on how popular the location you work in is, you might not have had to deal with many people who have medical information in different languages. However, it’s important to get the way you want information translated dealt with before someone hands you their information in a different language as you don’t want to have to search around for the right service when you should be dealing with patients. Make sure you look for reviews of reputable services before you decide to do business with one.

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